Julie Tierney's journey in fashion began with a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art & Design in graphic design, later switching to fashion. After graduating, she joined Project Runway Season 9 and successfully funded a Kickstarter to launch JMFT Industries. Her fashion label, inspired by the Colorado High Country, blends high-fashion, outdoor elements, and the wild west with a utilitarian sensibility. Committed to sustainability, Julie repurposes textiles, adding value to otherwise discarded materials. Originally from Colorado, she has lived in various mountain towns, Oregon, Georgia, and New York. You can find one of her Coleman Sacks jackets at The Denver Art Museum - THREAD Gallery, made from a vintage 1975 Coleman sleeping bag. Julie Tierney's unique journey also includes a background as a pastry chef and competitive snowboarder before finding her passion in fashion.

  Coleman Sacks   

And, I make jackets out of vintage sleeping bags. First one, vintage Boy Scouts of America. Second, third and fourth, vintage Coleman sleeping bags.
Titled :  "Coleman Sacks".

Mitt Elberts named after Mt. Elbert 
Repurposed mittens ♻️ 
Made from microgrid fleece scraps & remnants & recycled wool. 

Equestrian Photo

SCAD Equestrian ❤️ "Ladies Wear Gloves"