Living in Leadville . . . Mining Town to FASHION at 10,200'



JMFT Industries is a fashion brand founded by Julie Tierney. JMFT is inspired by the Colorado high-country with a juxtaposition between high-fashion, outdoor and the Wild West. Julie focuses her designs on sustainability and circularity with use of scraps, remnants and dead stock fabrics. Her recent green product is Mitt Elberts - upcycled mittens named after Mt. Elbert, the highest fourteener in Colorado at an elevation of 14,439’.

After moving on from a decade-long competitive snowboard lifestyle, Julie decided to return to college. She was awarded a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art & Design in fashion design. There she worked with French designer Catherine Malandrino and six months after graduating Julie found herself on the reality show Project Runway.

Currently, she has one of her signature sleeping bag jackets named Coleman Sacks (rhymes with Goldman Sachs) on exhibit at The Denver Art Museum. Coleman Sacks are made from vintage Coleman sleeping bags crafted into high-end Japanese bomber jackets. Julie grew up in Colorado but has lived in multiple mountain towns within Colorado and Oregon and has spent time in Georgia and New York City. She LOVES historic mining towns and all their history. Current activities include skateboarding the local pump track and sewing.

  Coleman Sacks   
Sleeping Bag Jackets "Coleman Sacks". Made from various vintage Coleman sleeping bags.

Mitt Elberts named after Mt. Elbert 
Repurposed mittens ♻️ 
Made from microgrid fleece scraps & remnants & recycled wool. 

U.S. Extremes Boarderfest : a 100 years ago . . .

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Transworld Snowboarding : again, 100 years ago . . .

Equestrian Photo

SCAD Equestrian ❤️ "Ladies Wear Gloves" / Made the eqestrian team after never riding a horse but I wanted to wear this outfit. The entire reason I treid out.