Julie Tierney took the long road to her career in fashion. She was a pastry chef and competitive snowboarder in several mountain towns during her “college” years. Later, moved down from the mountains and earned an Associate degree in Graphic Design from Mt. Hood Community College (Portland, Oregon). Searching for the career where she could work with her hands, she applied to The Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), where she was awarded the Artistic Honors Scholarship. At SCAD Tierney worked with French designer Catherine Malandrino, and developed her own unique construction and timeless utilitarian aesthetic. Part of Tierney’s aesthetic is a result of winning a spot on the SCAD Equestrian Team, there she discovers the beauty of the English country side style. After graduating, Tierney was a contestant on Project Runway season 9, and then moved on to having her own label. JMFT Industries. JMFT Industries is the non-consumer consumer brand of accessories and apparel. The materials and construction are unexpected, but still maintain a sophisticated taste level. Inspired by the Colorado high-country, JMFT is juxtaposition between outdoor, wild west, high-fashion, with a utilitarian sensibility. Tierney designs in Alma, Colorado (the other highest town in North America).

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US Extreme Snowboard Boaderfest : 1999